Good Guys car show Del Mar!

Good Guys car show Del Mar!

Good Guys Del Mar!! As always we were excited to show off some of our latest and greatest builds to our hot rod community. It was an honor to have met new enthusiastic classic car enthusiasts as well as seeing some of our old friends who have been with us from the start. We can only hope that everyone that dropped by and checked out our builds that you enjoyed our hard work!

This year we had quite a few beauties out at the show, however the builds that we showcased were the 1969 Chevy Chevelle the 1972 InterRaptor, 1949 Ford Woody and the 1966 Dodge Polara wagon! The 1966 Dodge Polara even won the Charley Hutton award for best paint! That is three years in a row that we have won that award, which our very own Andy Meeh and his crew well deserved!! The talent in the paint department is above and beyond year after year! We are proud to work along side of them here at the shop. Also The 1949 Ford Woody won the Good Wood award, which also we are extremely proud of!!

Now if you didn’t have the chance to make it out, here are some of the highlights from the show! We look forward in seeing you all there again next year!! However in the mean time if you stop by Cruisin Grand here in Escondido we’ll of course see you there.

Cheers, HRCS

Moonshine Car Care Products!!

Moonshine Car Care Products!!

We have just discovered some of the best and easiest to work with car care line in the industry!! We truly only trust the best products for our builds, so when we discovered Moonshine Car Care we were blown away at 1 all the choices of products and accessories for all our needs in getting our builds to that show car quality and 2 just how good it really is on our builds, the difference is staggering!! WE can’t sing Moonshine Car Care products praises enough. Also not only does our body shop enjoy using these products here at work its also used in all of our garages at home with our personal hot rods!! 

So if you are looking to try something new on your car this is the line to try!!! 

Highlights from GNRS 2019

As always the Grand National Roadster Show did not disappoint! We attended this year in building four as usual with our 1966 Dodge Polara, 1969 Chevy Chevelle and our 1972 InterRaptor!! We also had in building six our 1938 Chevy and 1965 Chevy Malibu. It was a killer mix of builds that we enjoyed working on over the last year or two depending on the build.

It seemed the specters really enjoyed all the classics we brought this year but what really had people in awe was the 1972 InterRaptor! Of course how could it not stop people to ask a few more questions. It is a 1972 International body that sits on a 2013 Ford Raptor. It has all the luxuries of a modern truck with the look of a classic SUV 4×4. It also won first place in it’s class at the GNRS! Our 1965 Chevy Malibu also won first place in its class of Conservative hardtop.

We enjoyed talking to each and every single person that stopped by. It was thrilling to see the excitement on your faces and hear the passion in your voices as we all talked about classic cars. Hopefully we can do it all over again at the Good Guys Del Mar show that’s coming up. In the mean time here our some pictures from the show!!

Thank you for looking through! These are only some of the pictures that I took over the weekend but they are some of the more favorites!! We hope you agree!



Happy Holidays!!

All of us here at Hot Rods and Custom Stuff want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season!! May your new year be better than the last!!

Today we took a break here at the shop and celebrated everyone’s hard work for the year and to celebrate this time for friends and family! Isn’t that what holidays are really for?

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have this moment to spend with Randy and Peaches along with our whole crew. We relaxed and enjoy some laughs, good times and some delicious food!! It was a time to celebrate and we did just that! We all look forward in to another banner year of blood, sweat and no tears over what we build for all to enjoy not just our clients.

See you all in the new year!!



Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand 2018

Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand…

Of course it was another banner year going to Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand!! If you have never been we have a small glimpse of what the day and into the night is like. This show is held in the heart of Escondido on its main street of Grand avenue! This year as many years before, they had over 20 drag racing classics. The day starts with a few rounds of the cackle cars firing up where they are parked for all to view up close and personal before they run into action to drive down grand.

Some of the most iconic cars were there along with their owners, like Sam Harding’s Poison Ivy AA/FD, Larry Huff’s Soapy Sales, Thomas-Pritchard & Harrison Beaver Hunter AA/FA, Tom Ivo’s Barnstormer, and Gruzen-Newhouse AA/FA just to name a small few!!

In any case this is a night not to miss out on. It’s definitely more than just the start of the engines, taking in the smell of nitro or the flames that light up the night! It’s a time to come together and share your passion of drag racing, it’s a night to meet legends! It’s also the last night of Cruisin’ Grand, so you’ll need to get your classic car fix just one last time before the next car show season starts!

We want to thank all the guys at the Cruisin’ Grand organization that keep this tradition alive! We greatly appreciate you all year long!

See you all next season and we hope you plan accordingly to make it out next year for Nitro Night!!

Stroker McGurk Comic Book!!!

Tom Medley’s Stroker Mcgurk Comic Book!!!

When we heard  that Tom Medley’s family was making a Stroker comic of all the very best of Tom’s work, we couldn’t have more excited!! We purchased our copy right away and have been very entertained re getting to know all the hard work Tom has done through his lifetime. If you are looking to pick up a copy use the link provided and happy reading of the adventures of Stroker McGurk and all his crazy hot rod pals!!

Peterson Automotive Museum at HRCS

The Peterson Museum visits Hot Rods and Custom Stuff!!

The Checkered Flag 200 tour…

Hot Rods and Custom Stuff had the esteemed pleasure of hosting the Peterson Museum checkered flag  200 members on one of their garage tour circuits of the best automotive shops in Southern California. It was such an honor to have a group of genuine enthusiasts and collectors to share a portion of our day with.

We enjoyed nothing more as they browsed our collection of work as we engaged in talk of all things automotive and what our plans were on all of our builds here at the shop and of course along with cars that they owned as well. It was a fantastic exchange!! While on this tour we realized what an enjoyable experience it was. The many stories we heard from our visitors are some that we will keep with us for a lifetime!!!

In the end this was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet more people who love and enjoy the preservation of automotive history!! To that we are ever grateful to our time with everyone who came out!! Until next time drive safely!!!

Goodguys 18th Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals

HRCS at Goodguys Del Mar

This year was just as amazing as previous years, however there was an added excitement this time around. We still haven’t figured out what that element may be, but due to it being a few accumulative factors such as this years new lowrider palace also Goodguys had the first ever burnout show!! Plus it could have just been that the weather was amazing and we had a vast array of our own builds that we’ve had proudly on display. Or it could have been excitement of a few wins our builds received, that definitely added to the thrill of the show. Such as the Charley Hutton Builders Choice award on our 1961 Chevy Impala as well as the Deuce Doin’s award on our 1932 Ford. Also we had our 1953 Chevy truck build receive the Trick Truck Corral. It made for a good show!!

In the end we want to thank everyone that came out and visited with us, stayed long enough to thoroughly enjoy our work and chatted about what excited them. We appreciated you as we build these classics not just for their owners but for all of you who enjoy the history of classic cars and trucks. Until next time we look forward in seeing you all real soon!!

HRCS on KUSI news

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff on KUSI showcasing our work for Goodguys Del Mar

In case you missed Randy and Peaches plus some of our crew on KUSI Sunday morning with Dave Stall, here is your chance to catch up. Also come see our work in person April 6-8 at the Goodguys Meguiar Del Mar Nationals!!


32 Wonderland

The motherland of the avid 32 collector…

We were in search of a very rare part, not so long ago either for our 1932 four door restoration build. So we  put a call to action out on our social media sites and low and behold we were directed to what we call now 32 Wonderland. It’s just a vast property of a avid 1932 collector up in the La Canada hills. It is the home of Indian Mike and his lovely wife Silver.

With some of my pictures you’ll see Indian Mike has everything you could possibly need for your project and that’s right 90% of everything he has is up for sale!! The car community is a good one, where we all take car of each other to help preserve automotive history and it’s one that we couldn’t be more thankful about!!

So to help return the favor Indian Mike and Silver are very small in selling their stock. We would like to give you that information if one day you too are ever in need!!

You can email Mike at

and you can ask him if he has what you are in need of.

Good luck in your search and hope you enjoyed our adventure!!!


Hot Rod Hill Climb

The past week was an exciting time to be in the beautiful state of Colorado. Not only to enjoy the tail end of their fabulous summer but to also gather at this years 5th annual Hot Rod Hill Climb in Central City Colorado!! We had our promotions / adventure team also known as the owners of the shop Randy and Peaches Clark there representing our shop and to have a killer time with like minded people who enjoy a part of Hot Rod history as climbs such as these were started in the 1950s and begun sprouting up all around the US and it was events like this that were always worth going to!!
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Immortalized in conjunction with Cruisin Grand

Immortalized in conjunction with Cruisin Grand

Immortalized at the Distention Gallery is coming up again this year in conjunction of Cruisin Grand!! The theme and title of the show is Lipstick and Chrome. Of course we are proud to be one of the sponsors but more importantly supporting our good friend Chick Koszis and Steve Waldron who are the producers of the show!! It has such an amazing concept, some very talented artist are gathered, one being our very own and extremely talented Andy Meeh, to make a piece for the show and put it up for auction having a portion of the proceeds to go to an annual art scholarship for Palomar College students!!

The show of course is free but there is a suggested donation of 5 dollars, which will benefit our Cruisin Grand!! So of course you’ll want to come out to help benefit that as summers wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have such an amazing weekly car show!!

So come out Friday August 11, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm, VIP pre party tickets are $20 dollars and is so worth every penny and is 5pm to 6pm VIP gets to preview all the art before the crowds accumulate and you will have drinks and food!!

The exhibition will run through August 25th so if you want the chance to see some great art you’ll have a chance to do so!!

So mark your calendars as we look forward in seeing you all there as everyone from the shop will be there with their classic cars or motorcycles showing their support!!


Jena @ HRCS

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