32 Wonderland

32 Wonderland

The motherland of the avid 32 collector…

We were in search of a very rare part, not so long ago either for our 1932 four door restoration build. So we  put a call to action out on our social media sites and low and behold we were directed to what we call now 32 Wonderland. It’s just a vast property of a avid 1932 collector up in the La Canada hills. It is the home of Indian Mike and his lovely wife Silver.

With some of my pictures you’ll see Indian Mike has everything you could possibly need for your project and that’s right 90% of everything he has is up for sale!! The car community is a good one, where we all take car of each other to help preserve automotive history and it’s one that we couldn’t be more thankful about!!

So to help return the favor Indian Mike and Silver are very small in selling their stock. We would like to give you that information if one day you too are ever in need!!

You can email Mike at


and you can ask him if he has what you are in need of.

Good luck in your search and hope you enjoyed our adventure!!!


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