Cruisin’ Grand 18th Annual 2017 Grand Champion Fund Raiser

Cruisin’ Grand 18th Annual 2017 Grand Champion Fund Raiser

This February the 19th 2017 from 8am to 1pm there will be the Cruisin’n Grand, Grand Champion Fund Raiser!! We will be there rain or shine. It is a fantastic show to attend before the Cruisin’ Grand season kicks off in a couple of months!! We all hope to see you come out and if you need further information please check out the link that will have listed below! See you

Jay Leno’s Garage

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to be on Jay Leno’s Garage with our 1966 Buick Riviera!! We couldn’t have been more thrilled for such a fabulous opportunity, so here you’ll see a more behind the scenes look at our day in the happiest place on earth (sorry Disney but its true) This first picture was taken by the world renowned photographer named Walker Dalton that surely deserves an honorable mention as his talents abound any others in

Goodguys preshow poker run!!

We had the pleasure of hosting as a stop along the way on the Goodguys poker run!! We have been doing this for quite some time now and it is an event we look forward to every year!! This is such a fantastic group of people that get together before the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals with their classic cars and trucks and ride in a pack while having a few stops along the way and just taking a moment to enjoy what they so love!! When they come to us they

September 2016

The last Cruisin’ Grand of the year and it’s going to be huuuge!!

Well it has finally come to an end, the Cruisin' Grand season is having their last car show of the summer.  This one is going to be one ear crackling, eye popping, jaw dropping kind of night. There will be so many amazing race cars at Nitro Night that you will be thoroughly impressed and this show does not in any way disappoint!! What makes this show so special? Well beside the many impressive dragsters, there will be a close and  valued friend

October 2016


Today is the day we have all been working so very hard for!! It’s the start of the Grand National Roadster Show 2017 and we are in building 4 with 4 displays!! You will get to view so many fantastic builds in this show that you will genuinely kick yourself if you don’t make it out to at least one of the days if not all three!! However if you are coming to see our builds you will see our custom mixed gold pearl, flake pagan gold Kandy 1966 Buick

September 2016

Street Rodder Photo Shoot with the 1953 Chevy Bel Air

Yesterday we had a team take our 1953 Chevy Bel Air up to the Los Angels area for a photo shoot with Street Rodder Magazine!!! The legendary photographer and senior feature editor Eric Geisert was behind the lens doing what he does best. It's a true wonder to watch this man in action. Here are a few shots we captured to be able to share with you. It’s a fabulous glimps of what happens behind the scenes. However we highly suggest to pick up a copy of