The last Cruisin’ Grand of the year and it’s going to be huuuge!!

The last Cruisin’ Grand of the year and it’s going to be huuuge!!

  • Start : 2016/09/28
  • End : 2016/09/29

Well it has finally come to an end, the Cruisin’ Grand season is having their last car show of the summer.  This one is going to be one ear crackling, eye popping, jaw dropping kind of night. There will be so many amazing race cars at Nitro Night that you will be thoroughly impressed and this show does not in any way disappoint!!

What makes this show so special? Well beside the many impressive dragsters, there will be a close and  valued friend of Randy Clark’s there. The legendary, the greatest drag racer of all time, where they actually made a movie about this gentlemen’s racing career, the one and only Don “The Snake” Prudhomme!!! That’s right Don will be there with his just as famous dragster the Shelby Super Snake!! Don was the first Top Fuel driver to cover a quarter mile in a competition in less than 7 seconds!!! Now if that isn’t fast I don’t know what is.  Now apparently he sent his Shelby back to the original builders to have a complete restoration done and now after three years it is now complete and is ready to be seen and heard!!! So tonight is the night to come out and be impressed!!  You will get to hear all the dragsters fire up their rides and experience the crackles, pops and smoke first hand!!

You can stop by our showroom before the show and pick up a copy of the Rodder’s Journal where there is a fabulous write up on Don Prudhomme and some amazing photos taken of the Shelby Super Snake!! We also have Cruisin Grand Nitro Night magazine as well showcasing most of all the race cars that will be there!!

We look forward in seeing you all there and hope you all have a memorable evening!!!




   <Photos by Tim Sutton

photos by Jena Crawford >