Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to be on Jay Leno’s Garage with our 1966 Buick Riviera!! We couldn’t have been more thrilled for such a fabulous opportunity, so here you’ll see a more behind the scenes look at our day in the happiest place on earth (sorry Disney but its true)

This first picture was taken by the world renowned photographer named Walker Dalton that surely deserves an honorable mention as his talents abound any others in this field!!  Of course you may recognize the man in the photo, the one who started it all, the very exceptionally talented, hard working Randy Clark!!!

So the day starts with a great drive up to Burbank, it being some holiday made for fantastic traffic! We have the producers of Jay Leno’s Garage Walker Dalton and Kico Velarde join us out front of the studios to watch us unload and take in all our Riviera has to offer under the SoCal sun!! They direct us in where they would like the car to be and we settled in rather nicely for the day..


As the car was getting lit up and positioned the way their crew needs it for the show, Randy and Peaches Clark with our crew of guys Jeremy Shelton and Andy Meeh along with myself Jena Crawford who was there to document the experience wandered around with Jay looking at all of his cars and listening to him impart some incredible history of all things classic cars and trucks related as well as sharing quite a few laughs..


After all the roaming around it was get this show on the road!!!


Kico Velarde a very talented producer behind the monitors making sure everything runs smoothly…


Once the filming inside was done Randy and Jay hit the streets which you’ll be able to see the episode in its entirety in the link that will be at the end here after a few more pictures..

From left to right Jeremy Shelton, Andy Meeh, and Randy and Peaches Clark.

With this crazy good time now said and gone, we couldn’t be more thankful for our time just being at Jay Leno’s garage. As car people it’s something most dream of and to see a collection such as Jays, lets just say for that alone, it was an honor and a moment of a lifetime!! Now you’ll see the link below of our episode,  if you haven’t watched already and we hope you enjoy the hard work that everyone did, from all the hands on here at the shop that built it and painted it, to the parts people that do what they do to get this build finished and to all the crew and Jay in presenting our hard work!!


Jena Crawford w/ HR&CS