Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand 2018

Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand 2018

Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand…

Of course it was another banner year going to Nitro Night at Cruisin’ Grand!! If you have never been we have a small glimpse of what the day and into the night is like. This show is held in the heart of Escondido on its main street of Grand avenue! This year as many years before, they had over 20 drag racing classics. The day starts with a few rounds of the cackle cars firing up where they are parked for all to view up close and personal before they run into action to drive down grand.

Some of the most iconic cars were there along with their owners, like Sam Harding’s Poison Ivy AA/FD, Larry Huff’s Soapy Sales, Thomas-Pritchard & Harrison Beaver Hunter AA/FA, Tom Ivo’s Barnstormer, and Gruzen-Newhouse AA/FA just to name a small few!!

In any case this is a night not to miss out on. It’s definitely more than just the start of the engines, taking in the smell of nitro or the flames that light up the night! It’s a time to come together and share your passion of drag racing, it’s a night to meet legends! It’s also the last night of Cruisin’ Grand, so you’ll need to get your classic car fix just one last time before the next car show season starts!

We want to thank all the guys at the Cruisin’ Grand organization that keep this tradition alive! We greatly appreciate you all year long!

See you all next season and we hope you plan accordingly to make it out next year for Nitro Night!!

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