Hot Rod Hill Climb

Hot Rod Hill Climb

The past week was an exciting time to be in the beautiful state of Colorado. Not only to enjoy the tail end of their fabulous summer but to also gather at this years 5th annual Hot Rod Hill Climb in Central City Colorado!! We had our promotions / adventure team also known as the owners of the shop Randy and Peaches Clark there representing our shop and to have a killer time with like minded people who enjoy a part of Hot Rod history as climbs such as these were started in the 1950s and begun sprouting up all around the US and it was events like this that were always worth going to!!

There was tons of hot rods to be seen this year. As well as so many things to get into after concurring the hill such as live bands and campfires also HOP UP magazine after parties plus all the hanging out in the pit as the runs were underway like the reliability run the hot rod run and the peak to peak highway run. That is 100 miles of outstanding scenery in the Rocky Mountains!!!!

It was a memorable time and the stories that were shared were priceless!!

Written by Jena Crawford

Photos by Dan Greenberg and Randy and Peaches Clark









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