1973 Chevrolet C20 Truck

1973 Chevrolet C20 Truck

       Here is the soon to be, back to its fabulous self, Chevy C20 truck ready to be overhauled. With just one owner wanting to bring it back to its origanal glory and then some, we of course are happy to make that happen, especially since Karl is the shops close friend and frequent customer. 

             This Chevy will be having quite a bit done and in the end making it a true show piece. Some of the more exciting installs will be the Chevy Performance LS3, Gearstar 4L80E Level ll, Torque Converter, Custom driveshaft, as well as some little things to make this C20 pop, along with new paint, what color is still to be determinded however we know whatever is choosen it will catch your eye along with the other fine work only our guys know how to provide.

            Here's a fun fact about the C20. The third-generation trucks are offically known as the "Rounded-Line" generation. GM's highlighted the pickup's rounded-lines or rounded styling cues that were incorprated into the design. Some of the features making this known as the rounded-line were the rounded windshield corners, rounded cab roof, sloped rounded doors which cut into the cab roof eleminating roof height, rounded front fenders just to name a few. With all these rounded details its actually funny that the common, but incorrect, nickname for these trucks were "square body" which were propagated through truck magazines and just by word of mouth. The "squre body" nickname was not orginated by GM making it NOT the offical nickname. 

              As in any of our builds we take our time doing it right the first time. So in the next couple months you will see this near completion, so make sure to follow its progress, as we will keep you updated!!