1972 International

1972 International

When you combine a classic with a modern feel you get a creation unlike anything else!! This 1972 International will be riding on a very popular 2013 Ford Raptor chassis and take its V-8 engine, along with a few other things to make this International an InteRAPTional!!! It will be faster, stronger and better by the time we are done creating this masterpiece.


The International Harvester Travelall is a full size truck that was manufactured from 1953-1975. It had a similar layout to the Chevrolet Suburban. This was considered to be far cooler than a station wagon back in the day.  It almost sounds familiar in today’s times though if it’s a station wagon we’ve built we would be more than happy to cruise it around!!


We have the rendering up but the final color has not been chosen. So much detail and choices will be made throughout the build but we will keep you up to date as we go so continue to check back in as this build is moving pretty quickly….