1961 Impala Convertible

1961 Impala Convertible


In the 1960's Chevy Impala was toned down from its previous years designs, losing some of their distinct styling becoming a bit more "boxy". Well we plan to change that while keeping that classic 60's Impala feel with a flare of today making it cleaner and crisper. This convertible will leave its boxy look behind and become more stream line with a rocket like shape and smoother edges. It will be a blend of all good things Impala.


1961 was the first true year that the muscle car was introduced. With us putting the new muscle under the hood with its new LS3, it will redefine the muscle car altogether. With a horse power engine of 430 how could it not blow your hair back. Also being set on a Art Morrison chassis that provides an excellent foundation, with plans of bucket corvette seats, this build will be distinct!


With all of our custom touches this will make for one hellofa show stopper.....


More Details coming soon! Stay tuned...