1955 Chrysler C-300

1955 Chrysler C-300


Classic Red Racer

This C-300 had less than 30,000 original miles on it when it came to us, and had been "restored" once before. Because of that restoration, many of the stainless steel trim pieces could not be refinished a second time without ruining them (previous grinding and polishing had redered the steel too thin). While trying to find individual replacement pieces that could be restored, we found there were few available, and that they were way too expensive (not to mention in questionable condition). Finally we ended up purchasing two whole donor cars, an Imperial and a Windsor of the same year (the bodies and much of the trim are the same accross these models). So, what we have here, might be called a Chrysler C-300 Imperial Windsor

The 1955 Chrysler C-300 was the first of what writer Karl Ludvigsen called the "Beautiful Brutes," and one of most memorable performance cars ever made. It was made for NASCAR and firmly established Chrysler as the King of Performance, especially when it clocked 127.58 mph in the Flying Mile (7 mph faster than it's nearest non-Chrysler competition). When it averaged 92 mph at Daytona's Grand National stock race, it's legend status was assured.

The "C" in C-300, stands for "Coupe", the the "300" was for its rated horsepower. The C-300 was a Chrysler New Yorker Newport body and chassis pumped up on HEMI steroids and fitted with an Imperial eggcrate grill. Note: In 1956 the 300B would be introduced, and thereafter, each model year would receive a sequential letter designation (B, C, D, E, etc). Although most people know the '55 as simply the "300" (as no letter was included in the badge.

Power came from MOPAR's top engine, a 331 cid Hemi V-8 aspirated by twin four-barrel carbs. It also came with a full-race cam, solid lifters, special manifolds, large dual exhausts, a modified PowerFlite automatic transmission, and Blue Streak racing tires. But, unlike later "Muscle Cars" the C-300 was a luxury sedan that came with all the amenities, including leather interior. It was used as a showroow "attention getter" for Chrysler and it did just that. 1,725 were built and fewer than 200 survive today. New, they sold for $4,100 to $4,500. Today, one in this pristine condition will run you quite a bit more. When tested by Motor Trend the C-300 did 0-to-60 mph in 10.0 seconds, and did the quarter mile 17.6 seconds at 82 mph. Not bad for a car that weighed just over 4,000 lbs.

Engine / Vehicle Specifications:


Manufacturer: Indy Cylinder Head.

Type: HEMI 528ci Crate Legend. Assembly balanced.

Make: Indy Maxx STD HEMI V-8.

Material: Aluminum.

Bore / Stroke: 4.500 / 4.150

Main Bore Size: 2.943

Finished Deck Height: 10.700

Stroke Clearance: Yes

Make: Eagle 4340 steel.

Stroke / Pin Size: 4.150 / 2.375

Main Bearing: 119m STD.

Rod Bearings: CB 527 HD STD.

Bob Weight: 2713


Make / Type: Eagle 3D H-beam. Center to Center: 6.86 Pin Size: 1.031 Torque Spec.: 63" Lube Cam Clearance: No Pistons: Make / Type: Wiseco Small Dome 10.25:1 compression. Job Number: 35095-9683 Rings Number: R10451 T5 Rings Gap: .022 / .026 Camshaft: Make / Type: Comp Street Roller. Grind: CRH-4819-4817-R110 Specs: .660 / .636 .268 / .264 Installed at: 106 Lash, Hot: .020 / .020 Lifters: Comp 829-16, Mechanical Roller. Cam Drive: Indy Rollmaster. Timing Cover: 440-22 ATI Balancer - Mopar Front. Intake Lift / Duration: .660 / 268 Exhaust Lift / Duration: .636 / 264 Heads: Make: Indy Cylinder Head, Legend. Part Number: 426-1 CNC 285 Intake Valve Size: 2.25 Exhaust Valve Size: 1.94 Valve Material: Stainless Steel. Valve Porting: Full CNC, 440 CFM, Bowl port & gasket match. Intake Port Volume: 285 Exhaust Port Volume: 123 Chamber CC: 167cc Springs Used: K-1100 Seat Pressure at: 200 @ 2.00 Retainers / Keepers: Titanium 10° Seats: Viton O-Ringed: No Final Comp. Ratio: 10.25 to 1 Rocker Used / Ratio: 426-27 1.6 / 1.55 Push Rod Length - Intake: 11.100 Push Rod Length - Exhaust: 11.525 Piston to Valve - Intake: .275 Piston to Valve - Exhaust: .265 Heads Bolts / Studs: 426-23 Valve Covers: 426-12 Breathers Used: 2 in front Induction: Intake Used: Accel DFI 426-2 (direct fuel injection). Throttle Body: Gen 7 Accell, 1000 cfm. Air Cleaner: Modified Stock. Fuel Pump: Aeromotive 11101. Exhaust: Headers: Custom, Robert Butler. Tube Diameter: 2-1/8", 3-1/2" Collector. Mufflers: Flowmaster. Oil System: Pan Type: Milodon 30930 street/strip pan with windage tray. System: Indy Maxx static pick-up with spin on pump. Capacity: 8 Quarts, 20/50 oil. Oil Cooler: Specialty Auto Tech, finned aluminum, 24", (two). Cooling System: Radiator: Be Cool, aluminum. Water Pump: Chrysler. Thermostat: Bob Mazzolini Racing 160° Fan: Be Cool, electric. Ignition / Wiring: Starter: Powermaster 9513. Distributor: Accel Dual Sync, electronic. Plug Wires: MSD. Spark Plug / Gap: Champion 404 @ .035 Battery: Optima. Wiring: Painless 18-circuit non-GM keyed. Driveline: Type: Rear Wheel Drive. Transmission: 727 Torqueflite w/ Gear Vendors overdrive. Torque Converter: TCI Street Fighter, 3600 stall speed. Valve Body: Chrysler 727. Shifter: Stock w/ Custom Linkage. Transmission Mods: by Positive Transmission. Driveshaft: HD balanced, by Oceanside Driveline. Rearend: Currie 9-inch Ford. w/ Traction Lock. Ring & Pinion: 3.70:1 Axles: Currie 31-spline. Chassis: Frame: '55 Chrysler / '93 Impala. Frame Mods: 1. '93 Impala clip installed by HR&CS. 2. Custom driveshaft loop by HR&CS. Wheelbase: 126-inch. Track (f/r): 71.0 / 71.0 Frame Fabrication by: Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, Escondido, CA Suspension: Front Suspension: '93 Impala, Narrowed by HR&CS. Front Springs: Stock GM coil springs. Front Shocks: QA-1 Precision Products, adjustable. Front Sway Bar: Custom, 1-1/8-inch. Front Spindles: 2-inch dropped Impala. Front Bushings: Energy Suspension. Steering Box: Detroit Speed & Engineering. Steering Column: Modified Chrysler. Rear Suspension Type: Parallel Leaf. Rear Springs: Eaton Detroit Spring, 2-inch drop. Rear Shocks: QA-1 Precision Products, adjustable. Rear Sway Bar: Custom, 1-1/8-inch. Panhard Bar: Custom by HR&CS. Rear Bushings: Energy Suspension. Traction Devices: Slide-A-Link Brakes, Wheels & Tires: Brake Type: 4-wheel disc. Brake System: HydraTech, Level III hydraulic-boost. Front Brakes: SSBC, 13-inch rotors w/ red PC calipers. Rear Brakes: SSBC, 12-inch rotors w/ red PC calipers. Front Wheels: Wheel Vintiques, 17x8 Nostalgia Wire. Rear Wheels: Wheel Vintiques, 17x8 Nostalgia Wire. Front Tires: Whitewall Candy Store, 255/60 R17 WWW. Rear Tires: Whitewall Candy Store, 255/60 R17 WWW. Body: Body Style: Chrysler C-300, 1955, Steel. Hood: Stock. Body work by: Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, Escondido, CA. Paint: 1955 Chrysler Tango Red, PPG. Painted by: Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, Escondido, CA. Fuel Tank: Rock Valley, stainless steel. Interior: Dashboard: Stock. Instrumentaion: Stock. Sound System: Alpine. CD changer, with AM/FM. Wiring by: Painless wiring installed by HR&CS. Steering Wheel: Stock. Headliner: Leather; color, "Sand." Seats: Stock. Upholstery: Leather; color, "Sand." Carpet Material/Color: Loop carpet / Black. Upholstered by: HR&CS Seat Belts: Installed, HR&CS