1952 Chevy Truck

1952 Chevy Truck

       With the new ever growing popularity in the 50's era of Chevy trucks we couldn't be more pleased. With this being Chevrolets first major redesign post World War II, they made it bigger and stronger just like our heart of America. Also it having that sleeker look made a noticeable difference than Chevrolets earlier AK series. In 1952, the year of this particular model, the outer door handles are now the push button type as opposed to the earlier turn down type style. The speedo now goes up to 90 miles per hour!!! To say how many of those that owned this truck took them that fast is another question?! Also in '52 they got rid of the chrome finishes inside for painted ones. Also around this time Chevrolet stops using the 3100-6400 designation on the hood and changes the maroon window and wiper nobs. So you see it was a start of some amazing transformations going on with this steady truck.


Our plans for this truck aren't going to be to major to where you won't reqognize it, as we want to keep the integrity of this truck intact however one of the exciting changes we will be doing is putting truck on a Art Morrison chassis, which handle like a corvette!! The other plans we have for this build will make you look at your truck, and maybe want to do some changes as well...


Stick around as we continue to update you as thing progress on this fabulous truck....