1938 Chevy 2 door Sedan

1938 Chevy 2 door Sedan

The 1938 Chevy Sedan was a classic car with a wide range of usability, then and today.  Back in the day you could see it being used as a taxi in the big city, to a cop car in your local town, to also as a farm vehicle such as this one you see here. Today you can see them rebuilt into some of the most beautiful full functioning show cars with some of the coolest modifications on the road!!

 This classic was an everyday car that was used on a date farm in the Coachella valley, with the back seat removed for easier hauling and transporting of all things in day to day farm life. Of course to use it as a date farm car it was modified so it was functional for what it was needed for and it had a good run. Besides just work the owner of the vehicle learned how to drive in it and saw many good times with her friends as she grew up, that is until the 1960’s when it was retired for the time being.  Around 2000 our client’s husband and she decided they wanted to breathe life back into the sedan that held so many good memories. So they started the process of getting it back to its former glory however first they had to get all the sand that made its way into every crevice out!! Pulling of the old engine and rebuilding a 1995 LT1 fuel injection engine that only had 33,000 miles on it, which will make this restoration excellent with that high performance engine was the other thing they had started before here. Of course we will make sure that everything is correct and wrap up what was started making this dream a reality!!

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Jena @ HRCS