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Ron Corvel workshops right here at HR&CS

Hey Everyone!!!!

There is a very exciting opportunity that will be taking place right here at the shop October 7th and the 8th 2017 This is your chance to be learning from THE Ron Covell!!


  We will demonstrate various types of beading dies and show how to use them for straight and curved details. Several applications will be shown for the use of Rounding-Over dies. Tipping dies will be used for flanging, and step dies will be used for creating offsets or joggles. Various uses of a urethane (skateboard) wheel will be shown.
We will demonstrate the benefits of pre-stretching the metal before beading and show what problems may arise if the metal is not pre-stretched. Layout for complicated patterns will be demonstrated, plus a variety of unusual uses for the beading machine.       

   We will make a 1932 Ford grille shell in this workshop, starting with flat sheets of metal and working over a wooden station buck with steel reinforcements. This project involves some very intricate metal shaping involving both low-crown and high-crown sections plus the recessed center section that the grille fits into.
You will learn how a properly-designed buck eases the construction of a complicated project like this and how to make patterns from the buck that will ease the fabrication process. Shaping will be done with hand tools, an English wheel, and a beading machine.


So if you are interested to sign up and to get further information go to www.covell.biz to get squared away!! Space is limited as well so make sure you act soon so you do not miss out!!!