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Behind the scenes look with Eric Geisert and our 1966 Riviera!!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Or maybe now you’re just a bit curious, or really never gave it any thought at all until now. Well either way here is an inside peek of our team getting our 1966 Buick Riviera build to be photographed by the legendary, the ever talented journalist and photographer Eric Geisert with Street Rodder Magazine.

After watching our build from the day it came in and going through its complete transformation to what it looks like today, this moment to see it captured by Eric makes all our hard work even more rewarding. Well besides seeing the look on our clients face of course!! That is and always will be what makes us thrive and continue to build cars is our fantasic clientele! Nothing beats seeing their visions and dreams become a reality!! 


All right then our day starts well before dawn with our trailer already loaded from the day before. We pile in and kick the truck into gear as we make our way up on an exceptionally foggy morning to El Segundo. As we make our way through traffic we pull up with the sun finally blaring and Eric there to greet us. This is when the work really begins as we unload the Riviera and bring it inside for another clean up making sure all finger prints and smudges are polished off. It has to be picture perfect!!

Our drive in the early foggy morning had us being extra cautious....


we made it in one piece and are ready to get this shoot under way..

Here we see our director of operations and lead fabricator Jeremy with Eric doing a smudge check..

Once all shined up our build is put on casters and rolled into position..

 Once the lighting is right Eric begins his creative process..


As a renowned photographer you know how to get the shot you want..

No Jeremy is not laying around on the job, he had to scrunch down while pressing on the brake to help create the picture Eric was looking for...


of course this Riviera will knock your boots off why wouldn't it haha, seriously though there were no shoes allowed over on the white floors however one of us cough cough me (Jena) believes you should hang on to your bootstraps just in case..

It was rather disappointing to see the shoot with Eric come to an end but just like that the Riviera was back on the plastic and ready to roll out..



On a personal note the experience of covering what happens at a photo shoot with Eric and Jeremy was actually priceless, to listen to their stories and banter, to learn from them both as well as harassing one another in good nature was one that I could not capture but walked away with a greater knowledge in many things. If you ever find yourself with an opportunity such as this take it!! You’ll only win out in the end!!


Look for our 1966 Buick Riviera to hit Street Rodder Magazine in their possible next issue!! It will be by far an issue to get and I’m more than certain you can pick up a copy right here in our showroom when it comes available…

Written by

Jena Crawford with HRCS