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A throw back to some old latest stuff yet still note worthy

Now we know we did a “latest stuff” on this some time back but we felt it was worth the second mention! Deuce Steel is our company and we are still currently making some of the best ‘32 frames in the industry. Of course that is due in part of our fearless leader and his fab shop team!! We employ some of the best fabricators, which in turn produce a chassis worth putting your build on. Deuce Steel also follows the same motto as Hot Rods Custom Stuff “we do it all, we do it right” which is very important to us as we only want the best for every build we have a part in.

You can see in the photo exactly what a fully equipped rolling chassis looks like and seeing what details go into building your custom chassis. We just customize stock or custom ’32 frames. That is our specialty and we build those frames to order.

For more details visit deucesteel.com or give our shop a call 800-HOTROD-5  to talk with one of our skilled service men to get you started in the right direction.