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A Little History...

It's well known that Hot Rods and Custom Stuff’s history has strong ties with Southern California style, culture and general way of life. And our founder Randy Clark’s story is no different...

Randy Clark was born in Iowa in 1947, where his grandfather was a machinist and tool inventor and his father a blacksmith and welder. When the Clarks moved with their young son to Southern California in 1949 they arrived just in time for the beginning of the rodding explosion. Randy learned to weld and work metal by working with his father at a young age, doing such tasks as welding large tanks form the inside because, "he could fit the best".

Living in the epicenter of the entire custom-car movement and attending the local drags, Randy caught the Hot Rod "bug" and at age 12 bought his first set of "wheels." A $12 Model T that didn't run which he eventually managed to trade up to a 1930 model A (that did run). Right out of high school Randy started working on cars at a local gas station developing a particular weakness for the early Fords, especially the ’32's , aka. "Deuces".

In 1964 Randy started work at a Pontiac-Cadillac dealership and later worked for a GMC dealer. His interests soon swung toward a more "custom" approach to working on cars and especially motorcycles. Over the next 30 or so years Randy lived the Southern California motorcycle and Hot Rod culture to the fullest, working on and building vehicles as jobs came his way.

In 1989 Randy opened Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido, California, in Northern San Diego County. in a small building with 4 service bays.The business motto of “We do it all & we do it right!” sums up HRCS’s full spectrum of services for the Hot Rodder. Everything from parts and service to full, frame-of restorations and custom builds can be had at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

As the years have gone by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff creations have graced the pages of numerous magazines and garnered trophy cases full of awards. The most famous of these would have to be the notorious "M-80" (a 1949 Chevrolet Business Coupe built for Chris Williams), the first car in automotive history to win both the Yosemite Sam Radoff "Sculptural Excellence" and Riddler awards in 2001.

Now in the 21st century Hot Rods and Custom Stuff boasts over 21 years of service, 1,000’s of satisfied customers as well as over 100,000 sq feet of retail, office and shop space. With over 25 experienced automotive industry employees.

Moving on into the future both Randy and the Hot Rods and Custom Stuff Staff look forward to offering unparalleled craftsmanship and services and after 20 years our motto still stands strong “We do it all & we do it right!”